Here are some Advantages

  • Captivate audience
  • Promote your products and instigate purchase
  • Build brand awareness and loyalty
  • Target new customers & expand your customer base
  • It stimulates recall
  • Increases impulse buys
  • Costs significantly less than newspaper or television ads
  • Targeted to current customers who are already buying

Studies found that nearly 40% of shoppers really wait until they’re in the store to decide what brand to buy and 73% of shoppers make one of four major purchase decisions in the store.

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Capture Shoppers Attention at Point-of-Sale.

The Adonis Network

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Client campaigns

Coca Cola logo

Coca-Cola’s campaign in the Adonis Quebec supermarkets promotes their three major brands of soft drink, Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero.

Agropur logo

Agropur launched a National campaign in 2014-2015 promoting their Oka brand “Quebec’s original treasure since 1893”. It ran in Adonis Quebec and Ontario.

PepsiCo took advantage of the digital network at Marché Adonis, to promote their Iced T brand Pure Leaf as well as their soft-drink brands, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and 7up.

J-Sonic wants their customers to know that their incredible warehouse sales which take place a few times a year are now available everyday online at

Coca Cola logo

Coca-Cola launches new campaign in 2017 promoting “Coke with meals” in all Adonis Quebec stores.

Sony picture’s 2018 campaign on the Adonis screens promotes their new movie release of Peter Rabbit, known in Québec as “Pierre Lapin”.

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